Coote&Co. offers a private residential interior design service. Coote&Co. creates classic contemporary interiors enhanced by bespoke pieces that are custom made by our team of artisans. Charlotte Cootes' design aesthetic is about creating a timeless interior, which above all compliments the personality and lifestyle of her clients.


Interiors matter: They change the way we think and feel everyday.  They change the things we say and the way we say them.  They change the things we do and the way we do them.  That’s why Coote and Co. work as hard as they do to design interiors that are at once reassuring and uplifting.  That’s why their furniture, lighting and fabric designs are not simply beautiful but also beautifully made!  Coote and Co. is a full-service design practice offering all aspects of interior design, interior decoration and project management.



– Private residential interior design 

– Kitchen and bathroom design

– Bespoke furniture, furnishings and cabinetry design

– Sourcing furniture, furnishings and accessories

– Custom lighting design



Initial Meeting – An informal meet & greet to discuss your interior design project.

Initial Site Visit –  Head interior design & project manager gather the scope of works for product design & quotation.

Sourcing – Head designer will create a scheme and Coote&Co. team source product and materials that reflect our discussions and design.

Presentation- An itemised interiors budget and visual presentation is created to present on site or at the Coote&Co. office.

Project management – Upon client sign off, we manage relevent trades and suppliers to create and install the completed interior.

Please contact our design office for our detailed interiors letter.